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The term digital marketing services actually encompasses a whole host of different abilities. The likelihood is that you’re probably not going to find someone that is an absolute expert in everything.

As digital marketing can mean a lot of different things, it’s really important that you know exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for the right digital marketing expert, then you need to know the areas of your company you need to improve, and the correct methods for marketing to your consumer.

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Search Engine Marketing

When we’re talking about SEM, this essentially refers to both organic traffic (SEO) and paid traffic (PPC). For most people, this is probably the area you have in mind when you’re looking for a digital marketing expert.

The majority of the time, this is going to refer using Google. As the most popular search engine by a clear distance, it is important that your website and online presence is clear for Google’s algorithm to understand.

It’s one thing having a pretty website designed. But there’s no point having a beautiful website if no-one is going to see it.

I’ve seen this quite a lot over the years working within digital marketing. Companies spending £10k+ on a brand spanking new website and leaving little budget left to put towards their marketing.


Search Engine Optimization

Many people think of SEO and content marketing as separate things, though the reality is that they both work in tandem with one another. You can definitely create good content without thinking about SEO, and it’s also possible for you to get traffic to your website without having a content strategy in place.

But the reality is that a content marketing strategy should probably consider aspects of SEO if you want to get the most out of your content. The beauty of SEO is that you can write something today that will be read for years to come, and you can get visitors to your website for a lower cost in comparison to other marketing methods.

However, SEO should also be considered as they “long play” too. If you’re a brand new company, you’re going to wait for your website rank on page one – and the wait is going to be months rather than weeks or days.

With paid traffic, you can be up and running within a few hours, which is one reason why it’s a good idea to consider both.


Pay Per Click

Whilst a good content strategy is important, PPC is another one of the marketing strategies worth using too. There are a few industries where it may not prove to be fruitful or too expensive, but it’s generally pretty easy to work out if it’s right for you by analysing the competition.

And even if it is super competitive, it can also be worth trying paid marketing through other search engines.

Bing is a great example of a search engine that has a lot less volume than Google, but you can get significantly lower CPCs using their platform instead. This is especially true if you’re a small business with a niche product, as the competition may be a lot lower.

So, from this we can take that both PPC and SEO are likely going to be at the key of your marketing strategy. Depending on your own product or service, one may prove to be worth more of your time than the other, but this really works on an industry basis.


Social Media Marketing

Social media has taken on a world of its own in the last decade, and for many businesses, it should probably be an essential part of your strategy. This is particularly true if you’re looking to find people interested in your company that have no prior knowledge of your business and the product that you’re selling.

It’s a great way to get new clients and customers, in comparison to Google Search Ads, which requires the user to actively be searching for something related to your product. The more obscure and niche your product is, the less likely there are to be a high volume of people searching for it, which is where social media marketing can be really powerful.

And even if you’re sure you want to advertise on social media, you need to use the right social media platforms for your company. For E-commerce clients, then Facebook is generally a no brainer. Other industries may prove to be better performing on Instagram, Twitter or a whole range of different options.

Whether you’re looking for a LinkedIn influencer or help with your Facebook marketing, many of these areas overlap and you should be able to find someone that has experience with a range of different social media platforms.


Email Marketing

You can build a rapport with your client base in many different ways, but none of them are as effective as using email marketing. For businesses that rely on repeat purchases or subscriptions, a good email marketing strategy is likely to be the best way to go.

Something else to note about email marketing is that it tends to have a much higher conversion rate. Why? Well, there are a few different reasons for this. One of the key ones is that it allows you to personalize your message to the customer, and the lack of personalization is something that a lot of smaller businesses still don’t do properly.

Email marketing is also very easy to analyse too, with it being quite easy to know how many people are opening your emails, or clicking through to one of your links. It is also inexpensive in comparison to running paid ads. For this reason, it’s a good idea to set it up to see how email marketing works for you.